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Welcome to B-data


A short blog post to present a little project I am working on within the Psychology Division at Brunel University. B-data is a collection of resources for finding and processing online behavioural data (that is the B in the name…), which may be interesting for people working in psychology and cultural evolution.

As explained in the page:

B-data is a curated collection of resources for working with online behavioural data. In recent years, there has been an enormous growth of freely available datasets. In parallel, computational resources and tools to process and analyse them have become more broadly accessible. Lastly, working on pre-existent data can be an important resource in situations where collecting new data may be problematic, for example, due to contemporary COVID 19-related restrictions.

The collection aims to provide not only links to datasets of psychological interest, but a more comprehensive perspective on working with online data, including software, examples of previous researches, or pointers to tools for extracting your data from webpages and social media. It will be hopefully useful for research, student projects, and teaching.

Finally, the number of possible datasets and software out there is enormous. The collection tries to strike a balance between the standard choices and resources linked to more specific topics, and cannot be in any way exhaustive. If you have a niche interest you would probably not find here a datasets, but it should be, at least, a good place to start exploring.

I am still working on it, but there should be enough material to be hopefully useful for other people. And, of course, feedback and suggestions are more than welcome!

Alberto Acerbi

Cultural Evolution / Cognitive Anthropology / Individual-based modelling / Computational Social Science / Digital Media


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