imsdb movie scripts (dataset)

This dataset contains 1,093 movie scripts collected from the website [imsdb.com](https://imsdb.com), each in a separate text file. The file `imsdb_sample.txt` contains the titles of all movies (corresponding file names are in the form …

Reply to ‘Sigmoidal Acquisition Curves are Good Indicators of Conformist Transmission’

In the Smaldino et al. study ‘Sigmoidal Acquisition Curves are Good Indicators of Conformist Transmission’, our original findings regarding the conditional validity of using population-level sigmoidal acquisition curves as means to evidence …

Folk-economic beliefs as “evidential fiction”: Putting the economic public discourse back on track

Folk-economic beliefs may be regarded as “evidential fictions” that exploit the natural tendency of human cognition to organize itself in narrative form. Narrative counter-arguments are likely more effective than logical debunking. The challenge is …

Review of Tim Lewens, Cultural Evolution: Conceptual Challenges

The Sometimes Evitable Route to Conservatism and Persuasiveness. A Reply to Xue and Costopoulos

Social learning in embodied agents

I edited, together with Davide Marocco and Paul Vogt, a double special issue of the journal Connection Science on the topic “Social Learning in Embodied Agents”. This is our editorial.