Engineering cultural fitness

In general, I tend to read books that are quite closely related to my research (Joe Henrich’s The Secret of Our Success is on my desk, nothing surprising there) or ones – generally fiction – that have nothing to do with it (Station Eleven and Americanah are both half-read on my kindle, waiting for better times). More rarely I try to delve into academic essays on subjects I am only half familiar with, but I might plan to do it more in the future. In fact I just had a very nice surprise with Addiction by Design. Machine Gambling in Las Vegas written by MIT anthropologist Natasha Dow Schüll.

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The trouble with cultural fitness

Massimo Pigliucci discusses, over at The Philosophers’ Magazine online, a recent paper I wrote together with Alex Mesoudi (“If we are all cultural Darwinians what’s the fuss about? Clarifying recent disagreements in the field of cultural evolution”, open access here), in the context of a more general meditation on the opportunity to consider culture as a Darwinian process.

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