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Won't somebody please think of the children!

Public outrages against social media companies may not fulfil their goals.

Individual-based models of cultural evolution. A step-by-step guide using R

Learn cultural evolution individual-based modelling starting from a basic knowledge of R.

Covid misinformation on mainstream Italian media

How La Repubblica, a major Italian newspaper, spreads misinformation.

Cultural evolution in the digital age book club

The International Cognition & Culture Institute organised a book club around "Cultural evolution in the digital age".

Cultural evolution and networks

Cultural evolution models should integrate network models - and viceversa.

Sentiment analysis of song lyrics by genre

Pop song lyrics became sadder in the last fifty years. Is it because sadder genres become more popular?

Sentiment analysis of Child Ballads' lyrics

Lyrics of contemporary pop songs are sadder than old ballads.

A few thoughts on cultural attraction

Back to an old darling of the blog.

Sichuan food and the transience of traditions

Seemingly millennia-old culinary traditions are relatively young. Cultural evolution research needs to not essentialise culture.

The ordeal simulation hypothesis

Why do people die in novels? A new paper with Olivier Morin and Oleg Sobchuck.