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Fake news e Chatgpt - Dipartimento di Sociologia

I have been interviewed (in Italian) to present the research in the Sociology Department in RAI Radio 3 Trentino.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT exhibits a surprisingly human-like transmission chain bias

PsyPost covers our research on content biases in large lannguage models.

Clima. Disinformazione e comportamenti - una sfida per gli studiosi

I participated to a debate (in Italian) on climate disinformation on the RSI - Radio svizzera di lingua italiana.

Lab take on a kids’ game reveals biases in ChatGPT

Nature Italy covers our research on content biases in large language models.

SIBF 2023 - Influencing is hard work, says expert panel discussing and dissecting impacts of social media

I have been invited to the Sharjah International Book Fair, to present my book and research on digital and social media.

The dark side of life

BBC Wildlife July covers our research on twitter response to the nature documentary Our Planet.

Misinformation alarmism taps into the tendency to view other people as gullible, study suggests

A study in New Media & Society suggests that people feel threatened by misinformation because they believe other people are more vulnerable to believing it than they are.

What the misinformation scare reveals about faith in democracy

The Washington Post covers our research on third-person effect and perceived danger of misinformation.