Les vraies raisons du succès des infox

An article on my research on cognitive attraction and misinformation (in french).

Perché le fake news ci attraggono? Un contributo dall’antropologia cognitiva ed evoluzionistica

A summary of my research on cognitive attraction and misinformation (in italian).

Dedicated Followers (After a Fashion)

I have been interviewed by a marketing magazine about fake followers and similar. I am sceptical about their effects.

The Trouble with Cultural Evolution

Philosopher Massmio Pigliucci discusses our *If we are all cultural darwinians, what is the fuss about?* on *Plato's Footnotes*.

How much is that doggie from the movie?

The *New York Times* reports on our research on the effect of movies on dog breeds popularity.

The Lassie effect. Movies drive our preference for certain dog breeds

Our paper on how movies impact on dog breeds popularity is featured in *Science*.

Why hard times make for miserable books

*CNN* on our *Books average previous decade of economic misery*.

Information is power

An interview (in italian) with *Radio3 Scienza* (I start around min. 18). Click to download the podcast.

Literature gloom mirrors economic misery, study finds

*The Guardian* reports on our research on economy and emotions in books.

The History of Our Emotions in Millions of Books

I wrote a piece for the *Huffington Post* on our paper on emotions in 20th century books.